16 Jul 2015        

The monthly diary. 2015

17 Feb 2015        

I wouldn’t come closer

11 Dec 2014        

12 Nov 2014        

Illustration for FAZ. This final work was rejected in favor of the prior, very emotional, but fast and rough sketch.

23 Sep 2014        

I have just found a quite old illustration I had made for NYT. rejected, they said, it was too little club atmosphere. May be.

15 Sep 2014        

The Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam commissioned a number of illustration to a ground breaking book about the new methode of guiding visitors in museums. The expected release of the book Рsoon, therefore, the whole set of illustration will be published  - soon.

30 Jun 2014        


Just a study portrait. It happens, when you have a piece of a cartoon in an unusual shape, and a bit of spare gouaches on the pallet.

13 Jun 2014        


After finishing my illustrations (published just below) I had some spare colors.

You can ask yourself, is it the age of is it just the pleasure. Unexpected, I started painting flowers, and even worse, I am not ashamed of it.

Just training my skills, enjoying colors, playing with forms.

23 Apr 2014        

hanna Kulenty, one of the early sketches of the project.

14 Apr 2014        


Dorota Szwarcman, music journalist/critic. portrait for Ruch Muzyczny. Warsaw 2014

Sketch N#2

14 Apr 2014        

Dorota Szwarcman – music journalist/critic. Ruch Muzyczny magazine. Warsaw 2014

first version/sketch

14 Mar 2014        

What, if we switch off all our social media devices at once. Well, just for one night only.

26 Feb 2014        

“stage design”

26 Feb 2014        

“Golden Gothic”

26 Feb 2014        

The imptrved version of the “syrenka”

07 Feb 2014        

06 Feb 2014        

06 Feb 2014        

06 Feb 2014        

31 Jan 2014        

Concept sketch “Diary of a Dutch Illustrator”

31 Jan 2014        

Concept sketch for a political cartoon “The diary of a Dutch illustrator”

31 Jan 2014        

“A thin line between nostalgy and sentiment”

concept sketch

31 Jan 2014        

Sceny Misliwskie (Hunting scenes) concept sketch

31 Jan 2014        

Concept sketch for “hunting scenes”

07 Dec 2013        

Am I lonely? NO!

04 Dec 2013        

 taki sobie typek

04 Dec 2013        

04 Dec 2013        

03 Dec 2013        

03 Dec 2013        

02 Dec 2013        

16 Sep 2013        

FAZ. Generation “Y” unpublished

19 Jun 2013        

“He woun’t say what he is seeing”

19 Jun 2013        

“The taste of a dry bread while drinking a cold tea”

25 Feb 2013        

A memory piece from my childhood. The river Prosna just outside my hometown. A sketch.

10 Nov 2012        

Serie of two illustrations promoting  infractructural projects for the third world.