Tijdschrift Bluszcz Warschau

05 Jun 2012        

Ruch Chorzow

The oryginal illustration for the monthly “Bluszcz”  May 2012

05 Jun 2012        

Wincenty Pstrowski

Illustration made for the Polish literary monthly “Bluszcz”- a nostalgic story about the memories associated with the footbal club Ruch Chorzow (Silesia, Poland) and the meaning of footbal for the coal mine workers community . However, after the publication I kept working on it, adding new elements, letting grow the size, adding a “portrait” of the coal miner Wincenty Pstrowski, a tragic pionier of competitive coal mine labor exploiting peoples health and lifes. He became a national hero supporting the postwar production propaganda.  Pstrowski died in 1948 at the age of 44.

14 May 2012        

taxi driver